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Maintaining and administering corporate records management and historical records.

Responsibilities of the City Clerk Regarding Records

Pursuant to The Cities Act section 85, Every council shall appoint a person as a City Clerk, and the clerk shall ensure the bylaws and minutes of council meetings and all other records and documents of the city are kept safe. Additionally, unders section 90, "A council shall establish a records retention and disposal schedule, and all documents of the city must be dealt with in accordance with that schedule." Certain records of the municipality must be kept in permanence, such as cemetery records, annual financial statements and bylaws, and minutes.

There are certain records which are available for inspection by any person during regular business hours of the municipality's office. These include oaths of office of the council, public disclosure statements the city's financial statements, any report of any consultant engaged by or of any employee of the city or any committee or other body established by council, after the report has been submitted to the council (with some exceptions), minutes, after they have been approved by council, and any other reports or records authorized to be inspected by the Council.

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