Amber Smale

City of Regina, Resigned 2014

Beth Kembel

City of Lloydminster, Reclassified 2015

Bonnie Schenher

City of Yorkton, Resigned 2013

Brian Hamblin

City of Moose Jaw, Promoted to City Commissioner February 1, 1998

Bruno Kossman

City of Melville, Resigned 2002

Carol Edwards

City of Regina, Resigned 2006

Charmaine Code

City of Prince Albert (Founding Member), Resigned 2005

Cheryl Dodds

City of Meadow Lake, Retired 2015

Cheryl Rommann

City of Weyburn, Retired 2006

Cliff Skauge

City of Prince Albert, Retired 2014

Darlene Loucks

City of Regina, Resigned 2011

Delores Cox

City of Swift Current (Founding Member), Accepted a position as Administrator for the Town of Ponteix in June 1998

Dianne Hahn

City of Swift Current, Resigned 2010

Doug McEwan

City of North Battleford, Retired December 3, 1999

Elaine Kostiuk

City of North Battleford, Retired 2009

Fred Martyn

City of Weyburn (Founding Member), Retired June 17, 1997

George Day

City of Regina (Founding Member), Retired November 23, 1994

George Stratton

City of Moose Jaw (Founding Member), Resigned October 31, 1991

Janice Hudson

City of Saskatoon, Resigned 2015

Janice Mann

City of Saskatoon, Retired 2012

Joanne Forer

City of Melfort, Resigned 2000

John Jansen

City of North Battleford (Founding Member), Retired March 9, 1994

Joni Swidnicki

City of Regina, Retired 2013

Keitha Swenson

City of Warman, Resigned 2015

Kim Durdin

City of Yorkton, Reclassified 2015

Laurie-Anne Rusnak

City of Yorkton, Resigned 2007

Marcel Hoste

City of Estevan, Retired 2001

Marlene Hall

City of Saskatoon, Retired 2013

Randy Markewich

City of Regina, Retired 2008

Roy Walton

City of Melville (Founding Member), Transferred to RM Wallace and Orkney April 5, 1998

Steven Schiefner

City of Moose Jaw, Resigned 2008

Terry Topping

City of Prince Albert (Founding Member), Promoted to City Commissioner May 7, 1996

Tom Lysyk

City of Lloydminster, Retired 2010

Wayne Jensen

City of Yorkton (Founding Member), Promoted to City Commissioner August 17, 1992

Yvette Wright

City of Estevan, Retired 2005